What should you not expect when you visit?

Do not expect to be embarrassed or made to feel out of place. You will be treated as a welcome guest of our family.

Do not expect us to ask for money. The church is supported entirely by its own members.

Do not expect to be entertained by bands, shows, etc., nor do we serve refreshments. Instead you will find devout worshippers with open Bibles and deep reverence for God's truth.

What should you expect when you visit?

Expect the assembly to be heartfelt brothers and sisters of one spiritual family praising God and building one another up in spirit and in knowledge. Our aim is to love God and live like His Son, Jesus Christ. You will find us sharing joys and sorrows with one another, singing songs, sharing announcements about various people and events, praying often, taking the Lord's Supper on Sundays, meeting in smaller groups to see what needs to be done, teaching God's Word, and taking care of various needs.

Expect a big choir -- that is, everyone sings! We all lift our voices in praise to God and to teach and encourage one another. Whether we are singing old hymns or the new ones, we do so with an enthusiasm born of thankfulness to God for His grace and mercy.

Expect to find Christians here. Not this or that kind of Christian, but simply Christians. Our allegiance it to Jesus Christ as God's Son and we feel no need for any denominational ties.

Expect to find a friendly spirit and a warm atmosphere. We know that God loves you and we are trying to be like Him.

We hope to see you soon!