Thank you for your interest in our spiritual family here in Gainesville, Florida.

We are simply Christians, with a goal of living our lives worshiping God. We have a meeting place with adequate space and equipment for assembly, classes, meetings, and preparation for teaching including research in our library. We also offer classes for all ages on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

Who are we?

Just Christians, trying to recreate what Jesus established 20 centuries ago. If God was happy with that plan, we do not see any reason to "improve" it.

What do we do?:

Together or apart, we live for Christ. This includes doing good for our brethren and our fellow man, showing Christ in our teaching and in our example.

We gather together to encourage and teach one another, as well as praise God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. Every week we commemorate Christ's death.

In addition, our aim is to welcome visitors and make them comfortable. You will not be embarrassed or intimidated. We will not ask you for money or insult your intelligence.

What we believe:

The Bible is our sole authority, and it is our soul authority. Through it we can find everything we need for a better life here... and the best of all lives beyond.

It is logical, complete, and understandable to all who make the effort.

The church it describes is simply an assembly of Christians: a congregation uncomplicated by creeds, boards, or social clubs -- and one independent from governing bodies.

It speaks with the power of God. It speaks with the love of Christ. It speaks with the words of the Holy Spirit, to every nation of every time.

It speaks to all who desire to have power over the worry, stress and fear in their lives. It speaks of obtaining that power through the forgiveness of sin that Jesus offers. It speaks of the power for obtaining eternal life -- an everlasting existence with God.

It speaks... to you.