Thus Said the Lord
The gospel of Jesus Christ must be preached
Mark Moseley - 9/27/2015

Bear the Burden of the Blessings
The Old Testament command of do not muzzle an ox still applies in the lives of Christians today
Mark Moseley - 9/27/2015

Heaven, we have a problem
Summer Series Sermon
Don Truex - 8/26/2015

Are You Ready?
Part 1 of 5: The morals, values, and standards of our world are changing. We need to be ready to respond and ready to accept persecution.
Phil Robertson - 8/23/2015

Covered in Blood
As Moses sprinkled blood on the children of Israel, the blood of Christ must be poured on us today
Phil Robertson - 8/23/2015

Be teachable - a study of Psalm 90
Summer Series Sermon
Todd Chandler - 8/19/2015

Psalm 23 - A Psalm for Sheep
Summer Series Sermon
Matt Johnson - 7/8/2015

Do You Love Me More Than These?
Summer Series Sermon
Bill Robinson - 7/1/2015

Does God Believe in You?
Just because men claim to believe in Jesus does not mean that He believes in them
Phil Robertson - 6/28/2015

Too Religious to Repent
Summer Series Sermon
Nathan Pickup - 6/24/2015

Lessons from a Godly Father
Practical principles learned from a Christian father
Phil Robertson - 6/14/2015

What Makes a Memorial Memorable
Reflections of Jesus' sacrifice before we partake of His supper
Phil Robertson - 6/14/2015

Lessons from Job
Summer Series Sermon
Shane Scott - 6/10/2015

Jephthah: A Man of His Word
Summer Series Sermon
Ralph Walker - 6/3/2015

Principles of Choice
Life lessons for our teenagers graduating from high school
Phil Robertson - 5/31/2015

A Jesus Experience
Reflections of Jesus before we partake of His supper
Phil Robertson - 5/31/2015

Praise God
Preparing our hearts and minds as we gather at the Lord's table
Bruce Arnold - 5/17/2015

Death Without Despair
Living with hope in Jesus Christ
Mark Moseley - 5/17/2015

Be A Man
Shamgar teaches us a valuable lesson about being a man
Phil Robertson - 3/22/2015

Words that Stir
2015 Lectureship - Last words of Peter
Kenny Moorer - 2/8/2015

Remember Your Creator
2015 Lectureship - Last words of Solomon
Kenny Moorer - 2/8/2015

Father Forgive Them
2015 Lectureship - Last words of Jesus
Kenny Moorer - 2/8/2015

I Am Going the Way of All the Earth
2015 Lectureship - Last words of David
Ralph Walker - 2/7/2015

Choose Whom You Will Serve
2015 Lectureship - Last Words of Joshua
Ralph Walker - 2/7/2015

I Have Finished
2015 Lectureship Series - Last words of Paul
Kenny Moorer - 2/6/2015

Listen That You May Live
2015 Lectureship Series - Last words of Moses
Ralph Walker - 2/6/2015

Why God Calls Us to Purity
Part 4 of series One Pure Light in a Very Dark World. Purity benefits us and the Lord. He is seeking a dwelling place.
Phil Robertson - 12/7/2014

Impure Lights Can Shine Again
Part 3 of series. When Jesus told a sinful woman that He did not condemn her, He was speaking to all of us
Phil Robertson - 11/16/2014