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Proactive Parenting in a Dangerous WorldPhil Robertson, 3/30/2014, 11.2 Mb
Sermon presented at the Livingston congregation in Tampa

The Role of Women in the Church Mark Moseley, 3/9/2014, 9.7 Mb
Understanding the Biblical role of women in the work of our Lord

Generosity Mark Moseley, 3/9/2014, 6.3 Mb
Understanding the Biblical principle of being a good giver

Attitude AdjustmentDon Truex, 2/9/2014, 12.6 Mb
Guardrails on the Road of Life - Part 4

New CreationMelvin Curry , 2/9/2014, 9.2 Mb
Implications of Creation - Part 3

Defending a KingdomDon Truex, 2/9/2014, 11.7 Mb
Guardrails on the Road of Life - Part 3

Friendship FactorDon Truex, 2/8/2014, 9.8 Mb
Guardrails on the Road of Life - Part 2

Principles Governing Men and WomenMelvin Curry, 2/8/2014, 13.9 Mb
Implications of Creation - Part 2

Building Guardrails Don Truex, 2/7/2014, 11 Mb
Guardrails on the Road of Life - Part 1

Shock and AweMelvin Curry, 2/7/2014, 11.3 Mb
Implications of Creation - Part 1

Stay in THE FightPhil Robertson, 11/24/2013, 10.6 Mb
Lesson 5 - Training Godly Leaders

Forgiven Phil Robertson, 11/24/2013, 6.8 Mb
God supplies our greatest need

Living With Plan BPhil Robertson, 11/10/2013, 9.8 Mb
Lesson 4 - Training Godly Leaders

Rahab - Action Without Accolades Phil Robertson, 11/3/2013, 10 Mb
Lesson 3 - Training Godly Leaders

There is No I in TeamPhil Robertson, 10/27/2013, 10 Mb
Lesson 2 - Training Godly Leaders

Be Strong and CourageousPhil Robertson, 10/20/2013, 9.8 Mb
Lesson 1 - Training Godly Leaders

Anxious for NothingRyan Ackett, 10/6/2013, 4.1 Mb
College Student Lessons

Our Victorious LordConnor Limburg, 10/6/2013, 2.6 Mb
College Student Lessons

Spiritual Pep TalkRyan Cutts, 10/6/2013, 3.4 Mb
College Student Lessons

Absolute Values That Never ChangePhil Robertson, 9/29/2013, 10 Mb
Part 2 of 2

Absolute Values That Never ChangePhil Robertson, 9/22/2013, 9.3 Mb
God created us and provided us with a divine value system. It is superior to the shifting, relative values that originate within man

The Meaning of the Incarnation Ed Harrell, 8/21/2013, 9.6 Mb
Summer Series

Our Great Inheritance Greg Whipple , 8/14/2013, 9 Mb
Summer Series

Is The Bible Trustworthy?Nathan Ward, 8/7/2013, 11.3 Mb
Summer Series

Who is Your HeroKent Heaton, 7/31/2013, 10.6 Mb
Summer Series

Real Faith Has DoubtsJosh Creel, 7/10/2013, 9.7 Mb
Summer Series

I Had a Plan Jason McCreary, 6/19/2013, 9.6 Mb
Summer Series

We Need to be More Like the WorldRalph Walker, 6/12/2013, 10.7 Mb
Summer Series

They Are Not Like UsKevin Hyde, 6/5/2013, 11.3 Mb
Beware of the mob mentality in churches. Remember a failure to be open minded led to the crucifixion of Jesus

Sons Not SlavesMark Moseley, 6/2/2013, 11.4 Mb
Rethinking our relationship with God

Living in the Word of God Phil Robertson, 5/27/2013, 9.3 Mb
Part 2

Living in the Word of God Phil Robertson, 5/27/2013, 6.1 Mb
Psalm 119:129-136

Jesus the Ideal SacrificePhil Robertson, 4/28/2013, 7.1 Mb
Text Isaiah 53 - Do we truly understand the concept of a sacrifice?

Jesus the Ideal Sacrifice (Part 2)Phil Robertson, 4/28/2013, 8.3 Mb
Text Romans 12 - God expects more sacrifices today.