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Summer Series: Kent Owens
Wednesday 7/26/2017
7:30:00 PM

Summer Series: Brett Looney - Nineveh: A God of Second Chances
Wednesday 8/2/2017
7:30:00 PM

Summer Series: Jerold Redding - The Temple of God
Wednesday 8/9/2017
7:30:00 PM

Summer Series: Geoff Powell - How Can the Young Man Keep His Ways Pure?
Wednesday 8/16/2017
7:30:00 PM

Summer Series: Tim Wessel - God’s Signature in the Cells: DNA
Wednesday 8/23/2017
7:30:00 PM


Listen to lessons.

Nothing is Everything - Communion Talk : The supper of our Lord reminds us of the greatest gift from God. The death of Christ leaves us with nothing that means everything to us
Phil Robertson - 6/11/2017

Nothing is Everything - Part 2 : This is what you do when you do not know what to do. Lesson 8 in The Power of Influence series
Phil Robertson - 6/11/2017

Nothing Is Everthing : God rescues Jehoshaphat in dramatic way - Only when we admit we have nothing do we realize we have everything. Lesson 7 in The Power of Influence series
Phil Robertson - 6/4/2017

Can You Hear Me Now : Wisdom yells at us all the time but are we listening to her - Proverbs 1. Lesson 6 in The Power of Influence series
Phil Robertson - 5/21/2017


Read inspiring devotionals.

A Form of Godliness
M. Moseley - 9/5/2014

What If Holiness Was Praised?
Phil Robertson - 8/28/2013

Is My Spiritual Diet Full of Junk Food?
Phil Robertson - 6/11/2013