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Below is a message from our elders to the congregation:

Earlier this week, even as we were strategizing how to stagger our assemblies in order to comply with the less than 50 people recommendation, an even more restrictive 15 day limitation was advised. So for the next 2 Sundays, at least, we are canceling all of our assemblies.

Although we are disappointed to have to resort to this extreme, we feel it is both wise and important to do so. Our government has asked us to cooperate in this way to help slow the rate of transmission of this disease which has the potential to overwhelm our healthcare system as we have seen occur in other countries. It is our judgement that this is the right thing to do. Interestingly, this is not the first time elders and churches have been required to make tough decisions about assembling. Attached To the bottom of this email you will find an article from the “Gospel Advocate” during the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. Our brethren from that generation faced a similar dilemma and responded with the same wisdom we are advancing in this situation. We do not feel that this reflects a lack of faith or carnal fear, but our actions demonstrate our love for one another and our community, as well as humility toward our governing authorities.

So we are going to forgo assembling at the building for the next 2 Sundays, then reevaluate where we stand. During this time we are asking that each of you meet together in small groups in your homes to observe the Lord’s Supper and to otherwise encourage and edify one another. We are not going to try to organize or regulate this in any way, but we will provide some online content to you in the form of video lessons and messages as well as written messages. We would like to maintain some sense of our Community in Christ during this time, but will have to do so via the technology we have available to us. We would ask that during our video presentations that you respond with comments or “like” to let us know you are participating with us (either live or later). Whatever platform we use, we will provide a link via KMJ email to give all access.

KMJ email may be the best way for us to interact with one another. Please feel free to share spiritual thoughts, encouragement, prayers, with everyone using this tool. As always, share prayer requests and needs with us as well. Your Shepherds want to hear from the flock. You may also privately contact the elders or deacons with any concerns or needs. Our email addresses and phone numbers are published on the website and most of us are adequately proficient with text messaging.

We will continue to provide you the opportunity to contribute money. Our budgetary commitments will continue almost unchanged for the foreseeable future and we will continue to rely upon your free will offerings to meet the commitments we have made. We are working on an electronic application to accomplish this, but at the very least we will ask you to “put aside and save” as we anticipate coming together again.

Brothers and Sisters, take heart. None of this catches our Lord by surprise. His purposes can still be accomplished through this trial. Find a way to serve one another and praise God and His faithfulness to us.

With Love, The Elders

J. C. McQuiddy, “Closing Churches,” Gospel Advocate (October 24, 1918), p. 1020-1, responding to the government order to cease public gatherings, including church services, during the 1918 influenza epidemic.

“But Christians have not felt that God required them to meet upon the first day of the week when any of their family or loved ones were seriously sick. Especially they have not felt called upon to leave them and meet with the disciples on the first day of the week if thereby they would jeopardize the lives of members of not only their families, but the families also of many other people.

With this view of it, which is in harmony with the practice of Christians, I have suggested to the brethren who asked me about observing the command of the government that they should do so, suggesting, however, that they could meet in their homes or simply a few in some place and thereby obey the government, which we should always do, provided such obedience is not disobedience to God. . .

For Christians to urge that we should now assemble in large crowds to break bread in the face of the proclamation of the government is not warranted by the Scriptures. . .

It will not be questioned that the intent of the government is to protect and care for the lives of its subjects. As the observance of the command does not interfere with Christians’ meeting a few together and observing the Lord’s Supper, Christians should observe the command cheerfully, seeking to lead quiet, holy, and unblameable lives.”